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3/13/09 (updated 2/28/12)

Nothing you do on the web is private. Almost every site you visit will install at least some cookies to monitor your browsing in some way. Not all cookies are designed to monitor your progress on the web. Some are designed for your convenience, such as keeping you logged in on a specific site or disabling features you have already accessed and don't need to reload.

However, I recommend that, unless you need to save specific cookies for some reason, you periodically clear all of them and set your browser to automatically clear session cookies when you close it.

Google has introduced a new feature that installs tracking cookies by default when you visit sites that display their ads, as this site does. I have opted out of the Google DoubleClick DART cookie so that you may continue to browse my pages in privacy. The ads on my pages will continue to be primarily page content related, not targeted at your perceived interests, according to your browsing habits.

Google, through its ad scripts, may install other cookies that I don't have the option to control. This is somewhat browser dependent. However, if a specific browser, such as Safari, automatically blocks tracking cookies, you can be assured that Google will find a work-around.

When you click on an ad on one of my pages, both Google and that advertiser's site will likely install cookies on your computer which will remain until you clear them. This has not changed and is of course, beyond my control. I recommend that you get in the habit of routinely clearing domain cookies after visiting commercial web sites. See the help files for your specific browser, for more details.

Update: 10/2/2016 - All Google ads removed from this domain and the subdomains. There will be no cookies of any kind originating directly or indirectly from the main domain. There is one cookie on the home page of The Hardsdisk MYST Pages, which prevents a sound from playing after the first visit. If you clear this cookie, the sound will play on the next visit to the page.


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