Configuring Eudora 1.3.1 and Up, for Multiple Users

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Eudora 1.3.1 (System 6) and all of the Eudora Light and Pro versions up to and possibly including version 5.x (I haven't tried it, not being fond of Eudora 5) can be configured for multiple users. This bypasses the "personalities" settings in later Eudoras and lets you access your addresses one at a time, skipping addresses that you do not want to access at a particular time. Instructions for doing this are on other web sites and in the Eudora Light manuals of all places. The manuals are often missing from downloaded copies of Eudora and some people claim that they are difficult to understand. There are some slight differences in the way I do it. If I have written this correctly, these instructions should be even more difficult to follow :-)

System 6.0.5 - 6.0.8 users (with a hard drive):

Note: Versions of Eudora, prior to 4.0, will not work if your username takes the form of an email address ( If your username is a single string of alphanumeric characters with no "@" or dots (username), read on:

1) Install and configure Eudora 1.3.1 for your main account. If you don't know how to do this, it works pretty much the same with all Eudoras. Earlier Eudoras ask you to combine your username and your POP server into one "POP Account", Later Eudoras allow you to enter this information separately. Complete information is available with a web search or in the manual if your old recopied copy of Eudora came with one. You can put the Eudora application anywhere on the disk you want except the Trash. You won't be needing to access it directly again.

2) Move the Eudora Folder from the System Folder to the desktop. Rename the Eudora Folder for the username of your main address. If your address is "", then name the folder "Eudora Zeppo"

3) Single click the folder and choose "Duplicate" from the file menu. Do this for as many extra accounts as you have.

4) Rename the duplicate folders for the other usernames, "Eudora Groucho", "Eudora Harpo", "Eudora Chico", etc.

5) Make a new folder on the desktop. Name it "Eudora Users". Put the renamed Eudora Folders in this new folder.

6) Open Teach Text. Don't type anything in the document but save it to the System Folder exactly as "Eudora Folder" (no quotes).

7) This procedure has now made it necessary to open Eudora by double clicking the Eudora Settings files in each Eudora user folder. You can no longer open Eudora from the application itself. You will need to configure the remaining users that you created. Right now, they will all be configured as your original user. Open them one at a time from the Settings files and configure them now. You will get an error message or two, each time, because you are off line and the program (Eudora 1.x.x) isn't smart enough to know. Just click the necessary buttons to clear the messages and proceed. When you have finished, it's a good idea to restart your Mac.

8) you are now ready to use your extra accounts. Position the settings files so that they are the only item visible in the window when each user folder is open. This will make it easy to find them to open Eudora. System 7.1.x users and up, get a break in this respect, because they can use aliases for the Settings files and put them anywhere. If you have an old 4 MB compact Mac and two 800K floppy drives you can put your System 6 and Internet software on one floppy and Eudora 1.3.1 and the Eudora Users folder on another. Just make sure the Teach Text "Eudora Folder" document is in the System Folder on the System start up disk.

System 7.1.x through OS 8.x.x users (I have no experience with System 7.0.x & Eudora but it should work too):

The instructions are the same. Substitute Simple Text for Teach Text. Once you have your users all configured, put your Eudora Users folder in your Internet folder or someplace out of the way. Open a user folder "Eudora Gummo" for example. Single click the Eudora Settings file. Choose "Make Alias" from the File menu. Rename this alias "Eudora Gummo" and put it in your Apple Menu Items folder or on the desktop if you prefer. Do this for each settings file. You now have easy access to each Eudora user and can open them one at a time. As you open a user, it automatically closes the previous one you had open.

It is possible to configure a new user right while you are on line if you really need to. Just duplicate an established user folder, rename the copy, open it from the settings file (you can stop it from downloading the previous user's mail) and reconfigure the settings. It's ready to go as soon as you have done so.

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