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This collection of screenshots is the result of many hours spent "MYST® Flying".

All of these images were taken from places you can't get to, in normal gameplay. Some very nice compositions are available just a few virtual feet away from the designated pathways in the game. Other images represent a considerable amount of time spent figuring out how to get into a specific place. At no time did I change my player to an animal to get any of these shots.

Be aware that there may be spoilers in these pictures.

Most images are large format and can be used as desktop pictures or in slide-show screensavers. Please see the copyright statement below. Contact Cyan Worlds, Inc., if you have any questions regarding saving or using the images. I can't transfer permission to you.

To save the images, you can usually drag them from your browser to your desktop. If that doesn't work, click and hold or right click the image. You will be presented with a menu containing options for saving it.


Wind Pump

Sirrus' Chair

Atrus in D'ni

D'ni from Outside

Behind the Shelf


Fortress at Dusk

Control Room

Generator Detail



Generator Window

MYST at Night

MYST Gulls

Above Dock



Off Rime

Desk Device
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