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Do not send images or other attachments to this address without first emailing me to verify that I need to see them. More often than not, I do not. If you send attachments uninvited, your message may be deleted at the server, unread...

...Otherwise, I'm happy to answer questions and consider suggestions about anything on any of my pages.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions:

 Mac Pages

I don't have software or parts for your Mac, nor do I offer a repair service.

None of the items on the Mac Pages are for sale.

I don't know what your computer or peripherals are worth. For that information, check the completed online auctions.

Answers to Macintosh questions that are not related to my pages can be found in the Links section of the home page or with a Google search. On the odd chance that you can't find the answer there, why not subscribe to a Low End Mac group list?

 David Wood's Resources for the Older Macintosh

Unfortunately, this rescued site has, over time, become full of dead links to information that used to be available on the web. I've updated some links with new URLs that users and webmasters have sent me and will continue to do so as they are provided but I don't have the time to research every dead link.

Please do not email to tell me about a dead link unless you have the correct URL for it, in which case, I'll be more than glad to hear from you.


None of the nutcrackers on the restoration pages are for sale.

I don't know what your nutcracker is worth. For that information, check the completed online auctions.

I don't offer a nutcracker restoration service, nor do I supply replacement parts.

Everything I know about Erzgebirge nutcrackers is on those pages. However, if you need advice about restoring a specific nutcracker, I can give it for free.


None of the bikes on the Back Room pages are for sale.

I don't know what your bike is worth. For that information, check the completed online auctions.

I am not a bicycle guru. While I can probably answer most of the questions you have about the specific bikes I've described, answers to your other bike questions may best be found with a Google search. Try also: and


I'm happy to clarify or expand on anything I covered.


MYST people. You never email me, probably because you're very good at information-gathering and problem-solving on your own. Carry on.


I'm more than happy to discuss anything on the Music Pages. Be aware that I built some of those instruments more than 30 years ago and may not remember all of the details.

If you need help with a problematic instrument, please contact the manufacturer or a local reputable luthier.


If you friended me and wondered what happened to my Facebook page, I deleted it. I couldn't tolerate my friends-only settings periodically and systematically being made permanently public without my approval. You are welcome to email me. I'll be glad to hear from you.

If you can't figure out how to permanently delete your Facebook account, a quick search will provide several pages on the subject.


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