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A Small Collection of Tips, Tricks & Trivia I Have Used
to Get the Most Out of My Older Macintosh Computers

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1) Go Trouble finding a PRAM battery for your Macintosh 128K, 512K or Plus? Here's how to make one.

2) Go Don't want to pay the ridiculous price for a rectangular 4.5v PRAM battery with connector? You can make a replacement for one of these too.

3) Go No idea what to do with a crashed hard drive and some old used 128K SIMMs? Why not make a wind chime?

4) Go Want a foolproof way to adjust the screen proportions on your compact Mac?

5) Go A Mac Classic, near death gets new life as a System 6 server.

6) Go Underclock a PowerBook 1400/166 processor to make a 1400/117 run faster, then overclock the bus to make it run faster still.



1) Go Want to configure Eudora 1.3.1 or later for multiple users?

2) Go Need some general instructions for getting your older Mac on line? These were written for a specific provider but they apply to most ISPs. Just use the one mentioned, as an example and substitute your provider's information.

3) Go Here's a tip for building web pages using browser cache documents.

4) Go Say it isn't so! Bugs in the Mac OS? A guide for the uninitiated.



1) Go Why would you want to install OS X on a Beige G3?

2) Go My LEM articles.


THMP Soapbox

1) Go When your older Mac breaks, should you fix it?

2) Go Planning on hacking your compact Mac? Consider this.



This is not a "link site" so I will list only five that I consider to be the most important. If you have these, you can find the rest.

1) Go Low End Mac A tremendous resource for the older Macintosh owner and home of the LEM email lists.

2) Go the pickle's Low-End Mac FAQ If your classic Mac question isn't answered here, it probably wasn't worth asking.

3) Go Jag's House Combined with the pickle's FAQ, this may be all the vintage Mac information you'll ever need.

4) Go David Wood's Resources For The Older Macintosh A very complete directory of older Mac info. on the Web.

5) Go The Ultimate Macintosh Links to just about everything Mac related.



1) Go Scans of a 1987 university discount price list for Apple products.

2) Go What's this Mac stuff?



1) Go Odds and ends. Overclocking 520 - 540 and 1400/166 series PowerBooks. 3Com PC card modem scripts. Repairing floppy disks.

2) Go Settings for the remote switches on the PowerLogix PowerBoost Pro 200 604e upgrade card.

3) Go About The Hardsdisk Mac Pages.

4) Mac Download alternate icons (30 KB zip file) for the Xmenu, Classic-style menu for OS X. Now works with version 1.9.10 and below.



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